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Cctv Installation Manchester.

Here at Goldie Locks we also specialise in the installation of security systems such as CCTV systems, alarm systems and security lighting. Our specialist security installation team can install a range of security systems for both domestic and commercial clients in Greater Manchester including:

CCTV Installation in Manchester

Cctv installer near me
commercial cctv installation

Types of security systems we offer

Commercial (Monitored or  Unmonitored)

Commercial CCTV installation is paramount for any business looking to increase their level of security. Given the crime rate for commercial premesis today a top end security system should be the number one priority for small and large business owners.

A CCTV system plays a key role in keeping employees, customers and your premises safe. Often, just the presence of a prossionally installed, and visible camera system can deter criminals before they even consider a break-in or theft.

CCTV cameras give the people that use your premises a sense of security and the knowledge that if something happens, it will be caught on camera.

Modern CCTV security systems can be monitored from anywhere that has an internet connection. This means if you have multiple loations, or if you are mobile and have to monitor premesis whilst unoccupied, a comprehensive CCTV system will keep you covered.

Commercial premesis with a Comprehensive CCTV system usually get a discount on their business insurance, especially if it’s monitored. This means that a good system will pay for itself in the long run.

Our commercial packages are for small to medium businesses that require up to 8 cameras in and around one location and offer recording times from 1 week to 3 months.

If you need Commercial Cctv installation in Manchester then give us a call today on 07710 049917

Domestic (Monitored or unmonitored)

A monitored CCTV system will ensure your home is being watched over by security monitoring staff when you are away from your home and when it’s most vulnerable, such as when you’re asleep, out at work or on holiday. The key thing with monitored systems is that a break in can be detected while it’s in progress so action can be taken to deal with it straight away such as sending a responce team and notifying the police or speaking directly to the property via a security monitor.

Here at Goldielocks Security we only supply high quality CCTV equipment from trusted brands, such as Hik Vision (one of the world’s leading CCTV manufacturers). We can supply analogue HD and IP systems for your home as well as advise you on which system would be most appropriate for you.

A good home CCTV system offers valuable peace of mind when it comes to security as it is a means of catching an intruder in the act and it also actively deters intruders from attempting to break in at all.

All our systems come with ip monitoring as standard unless otherwise requested. We ensure that all aspects of the installation are done by us to a high standard and tamper proof

We ensure that your network is setup for you to be able to view your system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection available. We can install motion detection so the system only records when there is activity saving valuable disk space and set up push notifications to your mobile phone when your motion detection is triggered.

Which ever system you choose you can be safe in the knowledge that your home is a lot safer than it was without it.

If you need Home Cctv installation in Manchester then give us a call today on 07710 049917

Schools and Educational buildings

CCTV in schools is unfortunatley becoming the most popular method of both monitoring and controlling the movements of staff and pupils. To be able to capture evidence of truancy, bullying and other instances of misbehaviour is especially useful for school managers and authorities.

The three main purposes for CCTV in schools are:

Detect intruders within the school grounds when occupied or unoccupied.

To be able to monitor the movements aand whereabouts of students and staff.

CCTV is the best tool you can use to deter would be criminals from entering school grounds.

Our team can you give the best advice on which types of cameras and systems would best suit your premesis and explain which system should be used in which situation.

Unfortunatley schools and colleges are high targets for vandalism and break-ins on a regular basis.

Vandals and criminals come in all shapes and sizes, be it current students, former students or just vandals who don’t need an excuse, and because of this it makes sense to try and ensure it doesn’t happen to your school. that’s why installing a comprehensive CCTV system is essential in the operation of any premesis.

We can offer a state of the art system best suited to your needs, with security and privacy being paramount. 

If you need School Cctv installation in Manchester then give us a call today on 07710 049917

Construction Sites

Construction sites have a long history of being targeted by would be criminals, from trespassing to vandalism and theft of tools and machinery. Having your equipment stolen is very costly for your businesses and cause significant inconvenience to you and your clients by way of deadlines and finance. This is why it is paramount that your construction site has high end CCTV systems proffesionally installed and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from wherever you are around the world. 

We only use high end security systems for our clients and some of the key features we offer include:

  • 24/7 surveillance and monitoring
  • High end wireless technology
  • High definition recording
  • Automatic night mode
  • Remote CCTV viewing
  • Complete end-to-end service
  • Nationwide security system installation
  • Large storage capacities on all systems being used in the construction industry

No matter how big or small your site is Goldie Locks Security has you covered with supply and installation from start to finish.

We even offer a security audit of your site and a servicing and repair package for your existing systems already in place.

If you need Construction site Cctv installation in Manchester then give us a call today on 07710 049917

Cctv Installation in Manchester

We offer various sizes of Cctv systems

cctv installation near me

Terraced/Semi detached

1 - 4 Camera system

security camera installation

Detached house, HMO,

4 - 6 Camera System

security system for a shop

High street shop or office

2 - 8 Camera System

industrial security system

Large Industrial

4 - 16+ Camera System

For more information on any of our products and services please contact us on 0161 401 0199 

Alarm and safety systems We Install in Manchester

We provide a range of Security and Safety Systems to both domestic and commercial clients throughout Greater Manchester. Some of the systems we supply and install are detailed below:

Alarm Installations in Manchester

Security Light installation in Manchester

Security light installation Stockport
security light installation manchester

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