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  • How long does it take a locksmith to open a door?
    It takes on average around 10 minutes for a locksmith to open a door, however this can vary depending on the type of lock and door, some can be done as quick as 7 seconds and some can take up to 45 minutes.
  • What Is a locksmiths Job?
    Locksmiths are skilled tradespersons that are trained to work with all types of locks. Locksmiths will use different tools and techniques to open, repair and replace locks.
  • How do burglars break into a property?
    Burglars use many different methods to break into a property. Which method depends on the type of security measures that are in place. The most common point of entry is the front door with 34% of burglaries occuring via this method. The second most common is an open or unlocked first floor window, accounting for 23% of burglaries.
  • Do Alarms Deter Burglars?
    Yes, alarms can deter a burglar from attempting a break in, however it is recommended that you display warning signs that the alarm is in use and you also use other security measures to work alongside the alarm because although it is a deterrent,  an alarm alone will not stop a burglar from breaking into your property.
  • How many locks should a front door have?
    Any door will need a minimum of one lock, however, anyone within the security industry will always recommend at least two locks, usually a combination of a deadbolt and a BS3621 lock.
  • What is a deadbolt?
    Deadbolts are locks that once in the locking position can only be opened with the use of a key this will add an extra level of security for any home or business.
  • Can locksmiths open deadbolts?
    Deadbolts are incredibly difficult to open without the use of a key, however, locksmiths have the right tools, expertise and training to be able to successfully open a deadbolt if the key has been lost.
  • What makes a property a target for burglars?
    Burglars look for properties with weak locks on doors and windows. If a lock can be easily bypassed by a burglar, they will see this as a quick in and out job. Garage doors and pet doors are also popular targets for burglars.
  • Should I get the locks changed when I move house?
    When you move house it is always recommended by all security professionals that you get the locks changed. This is to ensure the security of your new property as you can never be sure of how many keys are still in circulation from previous occupants.
  • How much do locksmith services cost?
    The average price locksmiths charge is between £65 - £90. However other factors such as how many locks you are having installed, the work that is being carried out and the time the locksmiths need to spend on a job will all influence the cost of the job and prices may vary.
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